The Flea Market Advisor is an ebook I wrote to help beginners and seasonal vendors to establish a successful flea marketing business.


I have fifty plus years buying and selling at flea markets.  I got my start in the flea market business in 1966 when I was sixteen years old.  My parents took me to a local retail auction every Saturday night.  I was fascinated with all the merchandise and the deals people made by bidding on that merchandise.  You guessed it!  I bid on several boxes of merchandise that was left over at the end of the evening.  I didn't know what I would do with all that merchandise.  But it was a handsome deal!  I made the decision to take what I bought and resell it at a flea market and doubled the money I paid for it.  And this was just the beginning!


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History Of Flea Markets

Years ago flea markets were noted for selling used junk and dirty items that people no longer wanted or needed.  This is not true today.  Flea market vendors today sell new merchandise, food, clean, barely used mechandise, collectibles, products people need and want and service.  Many people shop at flea markets like other people shop at brick and mortar store fronts.  Many customers come with a list.  Buyers are more sophisticated than ever before; they want bargains and savings.  Sellers are more sophisticated than ever before also; they spend many hours on week days researching for low-cost merchandise to purchase for resale.  As a seller, you need to buy low and sell high. 



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